Vacation - continued!

So when I left off we had just got to our resort..in our little southern Louisanna part of Walt Disney World...

Here we go again!

Here was a cute little steam boat....It was a way you could get to the Wilderness Lodge (another place you could stay...we will probably try that one out next time we go)

These were at Magic Kingdom...I don't know why...but they were cute..so of course...I took a picture...who would have thought?

another of the steam boat...a full shot...super cute!!! We didn't ride it...we were so busy!

Here is Lyla and Gregg fixing to board out little Polynesian boat to go eat at a Polynesian resteraunt

The monorail!! I have never rode one of these....well...I have never seen one of these....so I thought it was super cool!!! After we ate we rode back to the bus station on it...while we were riding we caught the fireworks show ...so amazing!! Very Magical...I knew it was gonna be a good trip!

Gregg was interested in the rabbit in the grass...I had to remind him that it wasn't hunting season in Magic Kingdom...Lyla is just ready to go...this was after a 19 hour drive...we hadn't even rested yet...so we were all pretty exhausted!!

Trish might hate me for this one...but she doesn't get to spend much time with her mom...and I thought it was so sweet to see them walking side by side. Her mom suffered a stroke not to long ago...and look at her rocking that walker and strutting along with us all over the Magic Kingdom! What a trooper!!

There is our ride!!

Such a cute little boat...Lyla loved riding in it! 
ok ...I did too!

We sat so low..we were really close to water...Lyla was watching it...and at this point she was already sick of me taking pictures..so she wouldn't turn around.

This is the Grand Floridian Resort...it had like a "Tea Room" and such...not us...we are southern Louisanna!

This is the contemporary resort...we had dinner here with Mickey Mouse (in later pictures)...the monorail goes right through the resort!! cool!!

This was our first glimpse of the castle!!
Lyla flipped out...
i did too!

More of the Grand Floridian

I just loved those little steam boats!!

This was the Polynesian resort that we had dinner in the first night we were there.
They had thier own beach and were having a marshmallow roast when we got there...very neat!!

I don't know if you can tell..but that is a volcano..and inside it was a water slide
very neat!!!

Are you excited???
I am just posting pictures!!
I loved that place and we are so going back
It was alot of fun!!

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