Want Polynesian?

We finally made it to the Polynesian resteraunt...very cool place!!
Here is Lyla and I trying to take a picture...
Gregg doesn't know how to take a picture...in focus
Lyla doesn't look at the camera for Gregg
Just not a good combination
I'm starting to face the fact that I will not be included in our family pictures
it's ok..
at least i can blog about it...
or photoshop myself in    lol

eventhough you have reservations..it doesn't mean you get right in...we had to wait a little bit...Lyla wasn't a fan of that at all..but at least there was a cool window to look out of

I thought that was a cool sculpture behind the guy in the picture....
after the picture...the guy looked at me and smiled...
i am to nice to tell him i wasn't taking a picture of him
ha ha

My poor baby was SO SO sleepy...look at her eyes

This was the Polynesian kitchen...I couldn't catch it just right but there were about three foot flames coming up from the grills...and we sat right by it...fun! I was a little worried about the hairspray in my hair!

and this is how they served you....they would come to you and ask you how many
great huh?
Gregg was in Paradise!!!
You could choose from pork, chicken, steak, or shrimp...
or all of it

and all of it was pretty dang good
the bill was pretty dang good too

It was about $600 for a group of 15
thank goodness we had the dining plan...

This guy sang to us and they played limbo...the kids did a parade thing...it was really cute!

ha ha..
Gregg is gonna love me for this one!!
He was so excited about dinner..that he never had an empty mouth to take a picture

If someone would open a resteraunt like that in Arkansas...
and serve you like that...they would make a killin'
I can imagine pieces of watermelon on a skewer for dessertt!

My baby fell asleep on the bus ride home...
See how greatly focused this picture is?
That is because Gregg didn't take it...
Another momma on the bus did because she thought Lyla was so sweet and she knew I wouldn't want to miss a picture like this

So thank you to that sweet lady..
I great appreciate that and wish more people were like you!!!

This is my handsome hubby carrying my baby girl to our room
It was about midnight
We were so exhausted by the time we got to lay down..
we even skipped the next event that Trish had planned for us..because it was early in the morning and I knew that if we got Lyla up early after a late night and an exhausting day....she would make it a day from you know where...so we slept in the next morning...got settled and hung out at the pool!!

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