2011 photo challenge - day 11

Day 11 brings us "Something Fun"

hmm...I had to think about this one

I have fun hanging out with Gregg and Lyla...
I have fun reading...
I have fun blogging and pinning

Yesterday reading a blog about crocheting...I remembered I used to have fun doing that!! Eventhough I only know one stitch...

but I think the most fun I have...when I get time to have fun...

is Fishing!

I love to fish.

I remember my dad and I going fishing all the time when I was little. We would go camping and I couldn't wait to get the tent set up so we could finally go catch some fish.

I can bait my own hook...I like to use minnows or worms...but i don't like taking the fish off the hook when i catch it.

and I don't like to eat fish

I just like to catch them..ha ha

I like talking while fishing....I like the nature...I like being outside hearing the outside sounds....I like the joy of catching a fish...

and not to long ago I got to take Lyla fishing.

She loved it! I was so excited!! She mostly played with the minnows...but she had fun!

My little brother LOVES to fish...so it is a great way to spend some bonding time with my family!

This is my dad...with his big catch!!

Here is my father in law with Lyla's biggest catch of her life!!

I got a  phone call and Lyla is telling me that we have to be quiet to catch fish!!
such a stinker!

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