2011 photo challenge- Day 1

Here it is...

Day 1

Today's challenge is to take a self portrait.....
I tried this many times while on vacation because I had the feeling that if I didn't take a picture of ME...then there wouldn't be a picture of ME in any of our vacation photos...and I don't know how all these girls on facebook take pictures of themselves because I either cut my head off in the picture, completely don't even take a picture of myself, or look horrendous!!!

So today is really a challenge for me...but here is what I came up with....

This is the self portrait I took of me and Ms Lyla at the Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom while we were having dinner with Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore.

If you wanna join in on the challenge...please do!!
Go here to see the list of photos we are going to be taking.
If you join in...comment and let me know..I wanna see your pictures!!!


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog!!! Your picture is so cute :)

  2. Love the first photo! Thanks for joining in!

  3. Very cool! I'm jealous, all of my self portraits are AWFUL!!!


  4. Hi, visiting from (in)courage,
    I think it is really funny because if you look at our family Holiday pics since basically our honeymoon it looks like we had split holidays- we have never had a full family shot!!

    Have a lovely week,


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