2011 photo challenge - day 5

Day 5

The challenge is to take a picture of someone you love... That's not a very hard challenge.
The hard part is picking the picture. I have so many to choose from.

I honestly don't know what I would do without my little family. Lyla is the light of my life... And Gregg helps me keep my light shining when I just want to sit and cry.

One man though ... That has always been on the top my list is my little brother Colton. He is my heartbeat. There is nothing I wouldn't do for that boy.

He is at the point now where he is old enough to hang with friends.. Have girlfriends... And act like a man ... It worries me to have him out in this world... I pray he makes good decisions... I pray that god keeps his hand on him and not let these wordly desires find a home in his heart.

My baby brother

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  1. So sweet. I am going to check out the blog challenge.


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