Lunch at our lil Louisanna resort

As I have said before Thank Goodness we were on the Dining Plan when we went to Walt Disney World...
Food there is Crazy expensive!!

Tuesday after our morning of swimming and lounging we decided to head on over to the dining hall to get some lunch

Here are a few pictures from our walk over there:

Gregg took this picture!
I am so proud of him!
I really like it...it's a good picture...
of me and Lyla and the background!!
Way to go Babe!

Here is the little boat dock where you can rent boats and such

I like this picture because you can see the southern Louisanna mansion behind them
That is what the front of our hotel looked like

Lyla wanted to take a picture in front of the flowers...wow!
She said because Nanny always takes pictures with flowers...
ha ha

inside our dining hall..blurry...i took it...my fault....but I was walking
I was hungry!

You could see the water wheel through the windows

There is my husband in the bright orange shirt.
There were so many decisions.
Pizza, pasta, burgers, chicken, sandwiches....
whatever you wanted to eat for lunch..it was there
and you got to go to the bakery and get a dessert of your choice!

I thought this painting was pretty cool...so of course..
I took a picture of it!

Here is the dessert Lyla chose.

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