2011 photo challenge - Day 3 & 4

More of the photo challenge...

Yesterday put me a little behind...we had some family business to take care...and my part was watching a cute chunky monkey of a nephew for a few hours!!
I got the good part!!!

The challenge was to take a picture of the clouds...I did..I just didnt' get to blog it...

There wasn't very many clouds yesterday since we broke the record of HEAT at a whopping 115 degrees!!!

Now that is HOTT!!

Let me give you a few little facts about how hot 115 degrees just really is:

This is a fantastic Facebook post from my Uncle Jack

Chocolate burns at 115 degrees.
Science tells us that the protein in egg yolk coagulates in 115 degrees.
115-120 degrees is considered rare for a steak.
At 115, fat starts to melt off meat -- if we stand outside long enough, will fat literally melt off our bodies?

You gotta love his way of thinking..
I don't think I have lost any weight in this heat..I sit in the AC snacking on Cool Ranch Doritos...
Thanking God for my AC and my hubby for working so I can keep it a cool 80 degrees in this house (yes 80 degrees is cool when is 115 outside!)

....................................so I had a whole blog post typed up and went to go publish it ...and for some reason it didnt' publish ...and it all deleted....great! .... so I am having to type it all up again...and it isnt' going to be near as cute as the first draft..sorry guys..............................................

Anyway here is my picture of the clouds...

and here is a picture of our weather I took from my Iphone...I must have caught it at around midnight because it had gone down one degree to 114!! yay!!
Time to break out the light jackets...
and oh look
We were supposed to have a storm today that dropped it to only 111 degrees!!!

OK...I gotta stop griping before I have to stop and pray for forgiveness

Day 4 brought on the challenge of your favorite color...easy right?

I like color combos...I don't think I could pick one stand alone favorite color....


I though...I will go to my Pinterest boards and see what I have pinned and obviously I will find my favorite color

Pinterest is good for SO many things!

Here's what I came up with:
I like this gray and pink 

I love this gray with pops of yellow

So I am guessing my favorite color right now is gray.
sad ..isnt' it? gray
but that's what I like I guess...
it's a neutral and it goes with everything

But I am really loving this new Cerise color..especially paired with this aqua...I like aqua too!!
Hard challenge ... I give up!
I like all colors...I am a preschool teacher
I am a colorful person
I can't choose!

and if you wanna go on..
I really like white
but white isn't really a color ...is it?

I like white sheets
white blogs
white kitchens
white dishes

you get the point

Tomorrow's challenge is to take a picture of Someone you Love
that's easy ... I have a ton of people I love
I consider that a blessing

the heat...not a blessing
people to love....blessing

you think God is busy and got that confused?


Visit Oh So Lovely to link up with us and share your photo challenge...I am really enjoying looking at everyone's pictures.

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  1. Gray is an awesome choice! Purple is always my favourite, but gray is so much more functional and goes with everything, almost all my linens are gray at the moment!


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