Playing catch up on photo challenge.....

I know I know...I can't keep up....

Day 18: In my bag

OH Lord!! You guy are SO lucky that I just cleaned out my bag! My purse is a ..
diaper bag
teaching bag
school bag
toy bag
medicine bag
....get the picture!

it is crazy!!

Hmm..i have a theme going on don't I?
I really didn't plan that...it just kinda happened that they are both zebra print
Actually one of my students last year got me the bag with my initial on it..and I LOVE IT!

Here is inside my purse...I have....
my super cute wallet
my sunglasses
Lyla's sunglasses
a notebook
a tastefully simple catalog
four pens
a sharpie
band aids
a toy doll
hair bands
hair clips
a ring from Pizza Warehouse
a spider *plastic*
my Iphone headphones

and yep...all that fits in there...
that is why i love that purse!!

Day 19: Where I slept

Hmm..this could be tricky because Lyla has had this crazy kinda sinus drainage cough here lately ...so of course her comfortability is way more important than mine....along with her sleep....and her favorite kind of toothpaste....what SHE wants for dinner...get my drift?

So I either sleep here:

or here.

Day 20: What I read...

This a funny story...that is going to need an explanation...

Every year my church has a Women's Conference...and I absolutely love going...I have never in my life felt such a tremendous move of God as when I am there in our tabernacle....I have never seen such a glorious sight as hundreds of women praising God and praying for each other's families...
I love it!

Last year there was a speaker named Rachel..who was hilarious!! She said every woman needs the book called "Sheet Music"
Out in the entry way of our tabernacle is kinda like a book fair...a whole bunch of books, bibles, CD's all that on sale...
Rachel said that specific book wasn't out there...but we could order it...and if we ordered today then she would pay shipping for us...because WE HAD to read this book.

So I thought what the heck..I had just finished the book I was reading...so I went out to order it after service..

Sheet Music...
probably something about how women relate to music emotionally...or women's emotions...or how to control them...blah blah....


When I got home from work one day I was so super excited to see the package at the door waiting for me!! Like a kid at Christmas I ran inside and ripped open the package to find this:

"Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage"


I was shocked..but laughed...and laughed and laughed..

One...because I bought a sex book at my church's women's conference....
Two...because I was fixing to read it! ha!

Come to find out...
This is the most hilarious book I think I have ever read!
And to be honest...I have completely enjoyed it!!

I am only on Chapter 3....

but so far it is this therapist....telling us how men and women think about sex.
How differently we both view it...

If I have the time...later...I am going to skim back through some of the pages and highlights some of the greatest passages I have read...and update you guys!!

Some things I have read have made me scream at Gregg across the house...and say "Babe..come here...you HAVE to read this!!"

Don't make fun of me and sex book...
You might be asking me for tips one day!!

ha ha!!

ok..moving on!

Day 21: pretty pattern..
this one was easy...as i was taking a picture of my bags...I just snapped a close up of the zebra print!

And for today....
Day 22: Trees

Here is my hottie of a hubby...cutting down a tree that i loathed!!
He does love me!!!

i should be all caught up!!

thanks for sticking around!!

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