2011 photo challenge - Day 2

Today's challenge is taking a picture of "What I Wore" today....

Days like this I wish I could work at an office...behind a desk...in the air conditioning....
That way I would be able to wake up in the morning...dress up, fix my hair, put on nice clothes and heels...and feel good!
I love my job...don't get me wrong...I love working with kids...my job is so much fun...
but sometimes you wonder....what if?

Just human nature I guess.....

anyway...This is what I wore today....

I rocked out the Arkansas gear....

Go Hogs!!

What did you wear today?
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  1. Yep, I work with kids too, and we have "STAFF" shirts. The monotony can be nauseating lol.

    How I long to wear cute sun dresses and leggings with my hair done in some way (any way!) other than a messy bun or pony tail!

  2. I work behind a desk. I've always teased my husband that I want to be a nurse... just to wear the scrubs. I absolutely abhor picking out clothing everyday. I would be perfectly happy with having a uniform to wear! And I'd love to be able to send my kids to school in a uniform! LOL! My favorite job ever was when I was a lifeguard in college... I only had to pick out a swimsuit and shorts every day. THAT was the life!


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