A day (night) at Poppa David's House

Every once in a while ...when we get a good hankerin' (yes that is a word down here in the South) for a game of horseshoes and socialization.....

and Gregg has ONE freakin day off from work!!!

We load up in the "big" truck as Lyla calls it...and we go to Poppa David's house.

Lyla is tired of me taking pictures.

Lyla and Colton playing her new Leapster Explorer Game

Colton trying to get Lyla to say "cheese"

Uncle Colton wanted to play just as much as Lyla did


Uncle Colton scared her.....ticked her off.

Colton finally got the game to play

Then we had to walk to the Post Office to watch Colton pop wheelies on his bike

Colton popping wheelies was not as interesting to Lyla

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