Magic Kingdom!

Magic Kingdom!!
I swear the most Magical place in the world!
I don't see how you can come here...look at that castle and not believe that wishes and dreams can come true!!
I absolutely loved this place
my favorite park of them all!

Here is a picture of the castle!
Lyla was SO excited to see it..I was too!!
I wanted a ton of pictures of it!
I wanted to walk through it but everytime we got a chance to go by there ...they always had it blocked off for some reason.

There is a Cinderella's Royal Ball Dining Room in there....and I think when you have dinner in there that you get to dance like your in a ball with the Princesses...How cute!! We so have to do that next time!

And there is a Bippity Boppity Botique in there....where the little ones get dresses, hair and makeup, and of course a TON of glitter to look just like a princess!! We are doing that too!

I could stand there for hours..just looking at the castle..the detail in the architecture was amazing.

This is us getting ready for the Light Parade. It took us forever to find our friends because when we got into the park..Lyla had to potty...so of course we ran to find a potty...and if you lose a glimpse of your friends...your lost! There was a ton of people there. We learned really quickly that we weren't going to be able to keep up with everyone else...due to our potty breaks and tired 3 year old who refused to ride in a stroller and walked alot slower than everyone else.

But that was ok...we got our own map...and we wandered until we found something cool to do...which wasn't very far in any direction.

So here they are...all in a good spot...waiting for the parade to start

See Lyla?
so tired of pictures

This is the building we sat across from..I have no idea what was in there...
diamond horshoes?
i don't know

This was the street vendors! So cute!!
They sold drinks, ice creams, snacks, etc

Here is the Tinker Bell float.
The Light Parade...was one of my favorite activites of our vacation

Cinderella's ball

The clock striking midnight.

I didn't get alot of pictures of the Light Parade because I took alot of video.

The last float was "To Honor America"

It was HUGE!
It had an American Flag draping over the whole thing...with fireworks...an eagle
everything American!

It almost brought a tear to my eye!

Here is Main Street in the Magic Kingdom
It was dark so everything was lit up

The castle ...again!
It changed colors randomly everytime you looked at it.
Lyla liked it purple
Sometimes it would change to blue...and she said blue was for boys and that was a princess castle so it should not be blue

Mickey's theater

I love how old fashioned it looked

Here was the train station that we swore we were gonna ride on...but never did

See ya real soon!

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more, it is the most magical place on earth! What a wonderful trip.


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