2011 photo challenge - Day 7 & 8

This weekend was Ms Lyla's THIRD birthday party!!
It was an awesome party and we all had a good time...
but that's another post...

For the photo challenge we were supposed to take a picture of Something New on Day 8 and Technology on Day 9...


Why not put those together and do one picture for two days?

Here's what I got for you:

Lyla got a new Leapster Leap Frog Explorer
I think that is what it is called

I never would have thought I would already be buying toys for my three year old that I don't understand!

When she finally went to bed that night I had to sit down with this Mr Leapster and try to figure out what all it does so I can show her how to work it.

There we go..

something new



Just for the record...I didn't get a cell phone until I was in High School
I never had a GameBoy or a DSi or PSP
I had a Nintendo....and I was happy with it!  Electrical plug in and all!!

What is this world coming to!!!??

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