Our Louisanna

Doesn't that bloggy title remind you of Blake Shelton's new song..Honeybee
I love that song....

Here we are the next morning after our Polynesian dinner
This was about noon...because Lyla didn't get up until 10:30...so we already had our bathing suit on and eating a little breakfast before we head off to the pool!

Boy...thank goodness I brought straws for my child to play with...

This is how wonderful my friend Trish is!!
She planned the whole trip...I mean the WHOLE trip
I knew nothing...we just paid for our part...then she sent me this email..letting me know what was scheduled.

After a little hang time at the pools....we spent a good time at each one....there was a little pool (for the little ones...very cute..and just enough water to really splash and have fun!)...there was a big pool (with a water slide and sprayer and fountains...very neat!) ...and there was a "bubbly pool" (which was the hot tub...which was momma and daddy's favorite!!! )

I was very suprised that when Lyla wanted to get in the Big Pool...she just took off swimming! I mean she didn't have a care in the world. I was really worried..I told Gregg to really hang on to her...cause I didn't want her to be scared of water...and I want her to take swimming lessons...
but to my suprise..she just took off...all you had to do was just keep her above water
then later on in our trip she started experiencing with going under water...

so she is gonna be like her daddy and love to be in water all the time!

This is the river that ran around our resort

I thought this was a really neat story...

and this is the tree they were talking about in that sign above...it was alot bigger than what this picture gives it credit for...very nice!!

and here was our fire pit...On Thursday and Sundays i think they would have story time and marshmallows...we were so busy ...we never went ....

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