Meeting the Mickey Characters!!

When we had dinner with Mickey ...we seen Mickey, Pluto, Goofy, Minnie, and Donald.

You are seated at your table...and that dinner was a buffet so you go get your plate and just sit and eat...and the characters come to your table.

It is really neat because there is no standing in line in the sun...or having to punch an old lady for a picture...they come to you!

The first one that came to our table was Pluto...and Lyla just wasn't real sure how she felt about the big dog....

She would high five him...but that was about it...

She was excited...see her looking at him?
But she didn't want to get close

these are all the kids that went with us...
we had a blast!!

finally a high five!

She LOVED Goofy!
He got a hug and everything....

This is one of my favorite pictures of the whole vacation!!

Mickey was really short!!

After Goofy...Lyla started to loosen up I guess...cause every character after that got a hug!!

can you see her feet are NOT touching the ground!!
So worth the expense of the whole trip!!

a little excited
a little

When Goofy came out he told the kids to get thier napkins and wave them around...
so cute!!

How stinkin' cute is this!!!'
Thanks Brittany for the Minnie Dress!!

The bill...
Thank goodness for the dining plan!!

yummy little desserts!

Lyla had such a good time...so did all the adults!! I enjoyed seeing all the characters.
My friend Trish and I ...just about..not fully...but almost teared up a little bit
ok .... we both cried
when the kids were so excited to see the characters...
I don't know what it was....but to see your child hug the character that she has spent HOURS watching on TV...does something to you
To see your child so excited that all they can do is jump....just does something to you!!

I will definately go back when Lyla is bigger....and maybe will have a new addition to the family to break in to the Walt Disney World!! 

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