Blessings 200-250

201. little toes painted

202. water hose fun

203. relaxing wet hair
204. curious little girl
205. patient daddy
206. new swimsuits
207. dance lessons

208. kisses

209. friends

210. a cream cheese bagel

211. being recognized

212. playing after church
213. hints in chalk

214. a business meeting with God in the middle

25. handwriting from a husband

216. that smile

217. excitement

218. a nice note after spending all my money is gas
219. old journals to read
220. naps
221. wedding memories
222. feeling important
223. reasons to stay inside on hot days
224. swimming pools
225. new bathing suits
226. random i love you's from baby girl
227. three year old girl loves learning
228. sweet rolls with butter
229. to do lists
230. washer and dryer
231. pinterest
232. baby girl needing the comfort of momma's hand to sleep
233. wiggling toes
234. hard working husband
235. little girl singing praises to Jesus with hands lifted high in the back seat in her car seat!
236. comedy that makes you laugh out loud
237. menu planners
238. imgination
239. life changes
240. letting God lead
241. passionate preaching
242. sheep keepers
243. quiet time in prayer
244. museums
245. brightly colored sno cone stands
246. showing my husband appreciation
247. a sweet card with heart felt words
248. waking up tothe smell of flowers
249 blooming lillies
250 finding the perfect present


  1. I love reading your blessings. They make me set back and think about all mine :)

  2. Awesome! I didn't know how many little things actually "blessed" me! I am so glad I started this!


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