Wal Mart Lay-a-way

Have you heard that Wal Mart is bringing thier Lay-a-Way back?

I just recently heard this..
I don't think I have ever used a lay-a-way..but it would definately help when having to buy all those Christmas presents!

It runs from September 16 to December 14.

It covers all toys, electronics, small appliances, jewelry, and some of the sporting goods.

You have to pay either $10 or 10% down ...whichever is greater
and you have to initially pay a $15 charge for opening an account.

If you pay off your lay-a-way before December 14 then you get your $15 initial charge back.

Any item you put in lay-a-way has to be at least $15 and your total has to total to $50 to open a lay-a-way account.

I know alot of you are thinking...why in the world is doing a post over lay-a-way???

I am 27 ...or 28....I can't remember...no wait...I'm 27....

and I don't even remember the last time Wal Mart had a lay-a-way.....
if they have ..I have been out of the loop...

so yea...I am a little excited about this lay-a-way option...

it could be the answer I have been looking for to actually get Gregg something that will "suprise" him.

Usually he gets money...to pick out whatever he wants...because if you are married to a hunter you know that whatever you pick out is going to be wrong...it will be taken back and he will buy for himself what he needs.

If your like me..I can never secretly get out of the house without my husband...
I don't know if he is jealous..or just plain nosy...
but either way..I have never been able to get him something without him knowing!

This year...I'm gonna try!

What are a few things you would put in lay-a-way?

I would put :

a robotic sweeper...yes...with a schedule..awesome!

an iPad...I have wanted one of these things for a long time..it would just make my life so much easier

An outdoor patio set..the yard to go with it would be nice too

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