Warning! Picture Overload

We did something I thought we would never do!!

We rode on "It's A Small World"

We had to...We have heard everyone sing the song...tell us that it is a boring ride...and it gets annoying...but we had to do it!

You can't go to Disney World and not ride "It's A Small World"

So here are ....seriously...a FEW pictures of the ride....

The ride is a water ride...so you are in a boat and you float like through a lazy river...well at this particular point in line....we looked down and there thousands of pennies in the water!!

I love this picture of Lyla and Gregg...so sweet!

Me and my sweaty self...with a cute little girl!!

Those plastic things hanging down ..look like plastic in the pictures...but in real life it honestly looked like rain!! It was super cool!!

At the end of the ride...there was a wall of Goodbye's
in all different languages..
pretty neat!

I don't know how in the world I got this picture to be larger...because I can't get any of the other ones to enlarge...When I click on the picture to make it bigger I can't find the little toolbar that usually pops up...who knows...and I am not real techno savvy anyway..

so sorry for my un-intelligence..LOL!

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