My little Merida

Last night my husband and I took Lyla to go see Brave in theaters.

I was more impressed by Tangled...but it was good.

The movie is about a princess named Merida who isn't Princess-like...she doesn't have the long flowing hair..she doesn't like the formal dresses...she loves weapons and wandering.

With it being on a big screen though..there were a few parts that actually scared Lyla...and she ended up crying at the end. All in all though once it was over..she said she loved it.


This little girl is going to be my Merida. She loves Archery. Not in particular the sport of Archery..she wants to go hunting with her daddy and her daddy bow hunts..so therefore she does too!

He will go out in the yard and practice every once in a while..and she absolutely has to go with him to hold his arrows. Ha! She is his arrow caddy!

I hope she learns..and I hope she loves it. It would be a great bond with her and Gregg...and it would be a great skill to know...in case...just in case..this world continues to go downhill at a rapid pace.

So be BRAVE Merida .... throw caution to the wind and always try new and exciting things!!

Just always come back home and check in with your momma!

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