251 driving with family
252 ice cream at dads
253 choir practice when god attends
254 birthdays!
255 watching baby girl sign a birthday card for her friend
256 baby girl going to sleep with a smile
257 friends coming over to play
258 staying home
259 learning new hobbies
260 rightly dividing the Word of God
261 a nightly walk and conversation with a cute four year old
Yesterday we went to church and had a great bible study. We dove head first into Psalms 2 and Act 4. We plainly seen that those of the name of the Jesus will be persecuted. I pray that we follow the example of the early church and when that persecution comes...to pray for boldness and unity in our church. I know that our God is the same yesterday, today and forever..so without a shadow of a doubt I still believe that if a church is in one accord...we could hear the might rushing wind of God...we could feel the shaking powerful presence of our Lord...and I believe one day ...we will!
That was free...wasn't scheduled...what I was wanting to write about was that after church *and our quick Wal Mart trip* in the truck Lyla was telling me about her good time in childrens church. After our conversation had died down we were just singing along to the radio and I look over to see Lyla's hands raised, eyes closed, and singing from the depths of her heart. I know she is only four. Lord only knows if she knows what she's doing..but I ask her once the song ends what she was doing....  and she responded by looking at me so seriously and said, "Worshipping God"
Yep...a few tears came
They still come now just thinking about it.
I pray that I am training her in the way she should go
I pray that she never departs from it
I pray that she worships God instead of this world
I pray that I will be the example she needs

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