So I made a list with CLEANMAMA this month called the DONE! list
It is a list of stuff to get done THIS month!

As you can see..I only have three goals..this month..ha ha..
There is enough spaces for ten I think...but I knew that I am a total perfectionist and making a Home Management Binder would take me forever!

Well..I finally got a little bit ...well...the majority of the Home Management Binder DONE!

I have a lot of papers that are pretty much the same...but I am trying them out to see which one suits me best!
See perfectionist
It's horrible sometimes!

Anyway..I took pictures of some of the pages in my Home Management Binder...so I will post those later.

Now I just have to remember to USE IT!

Go HERE to print off your DONE! list ..and set goals for September!

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