Can we talk about Issac?


First my disclaimer:

I live in Arkansas...the only threat we get from a hurricane is the rain and some wind...maybe we get some storm and tornado warnings...but no crazy wind speeds or rooftop rescuing.


If I lived in Louisana when Katrina hit....or if I had heard of Katrina hitting Louisana....the destruction it caused...and even now SEVEN YEARS later they are still rebuilding...if the weather man said that a hurricane was headed our direction....


Just in case.
I know the levys were rebuilt..and they are strong now.
But oh my word..just in case!
Just in case!

There are a few people that decided since
Oh it is just a Category 1..we can stick it out

Katrina was a Category 2

Category or no Category
Go inland!

Why chance your life..or your family's lives?

Sorry..I had just had to get that off my chest...this was a complete spontaneous post...

When I lay the kids down for a nap I have gotten in the routine of watching CNN and of course Issac is all that is on TV...well him or the National Republic Convention...My choice to watch is Issac.

I have seriously went through every emotion watching this storm hit..to sadness for homes lost...to angry for the people who stayed now having to put volunteers and community peoples lives in danger to rescue them....

Here are a few pictures from the CNN website that I have seen ...

If you can't read that...it says that the business is gone for Hurrication!

Yea..I don't want to be involved in that

Here is a girl bracing herself against the pole from all the strong winds...the moment I have to start bracing myself..I am done!
What would you do? Would you stay? Go?

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  1. GO! Definitely go...

    We went through the edge of Hurricane Hugo in inland South Carolina many years ago...and I would definitely get out of the way if a hurricane was headed my way!

    (Oh, and btw, in a later post you asked if anyone else is crazy enough to read their dog's thought...of COURSE we are! That's part of the joy of having a dog :-)


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