Curriculum Overload!!

I am so excited about this upcoming school year...
because if I want..

I can do it all in my PJ's!!!

That's right! I am staying home!

I am certainly going to miss a classroom setting...but I have turned my office into a office/classroom. And really why am I so concerned about "being" in a classroom...Kids learn everywhere!!

I have been looking through PreK curriculum...some Homeschool curriculums....

and WOW!

So much cool stuff...I want to do it all!!

There are some crazy awesome blogs out there that offer a ton of good resources for you to use.

One reason why I am super excited is that I am going to supplement more than what I could in a preschool setting.

For example:
We are going to learn about

Geography: by learning our states according to our letter of the week...and what those states look like, what the state flower is, state fish, state tree...etc.

History: I am just going to touch on this subject...maybe...It isn't fully in the plans yet

Art: "Real" art..not watercolors and sidewalk chalk...real art like Van Gogh and Picasso...we are going to look at there paintings...and even some sculptures...and learn about the person that made them and creat our own! I might even throw in a few good composers like Mozart or Bach.

Sign Language: I am excited about this...only because we have a "Speechless" program in our church and whenever they do a special..it always touches me! Always! And maybe if they learn it now..they will remember and can use it later to be a blessing to someone!

We will do the regular of course...the letters, sounds, numbers, shapes,colors, math, science, .....we are going to be working on reading and handwriting

We will have a Bible Time and learn the Pledge....and also do a Character Development.
Go over a few characteristics that we all need to learn again....as a nation...ha ha...like Love, Attentiveness, Honesty, Thankfulness, Bravery, Caring, Loyalty, Trust. We will read from the Bible...the real Bible...and learn memory verses to hide in our heart.

Can you tell..my mind is going crazy!!

It sounds like alot...but I will incorporate things that go together and we will have alot of fun!

Oh yea!! The best part!!
Field Trips!!!


to our library
our fire dept
police dept
a bakery
post office
the courthouse

.....because Kids Learn Everywhere....all the time!!

Now if all just goes as smoothly as I have it in my head...which all know it won't....the world will be great!!

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