Day 3 - Coin


Don't make fun of me! I am so not getting a good start to this challenge..but it will pick up...promise!

Yesterday's prompt was Coin..

and when I think of coin here lately ..all I think about is this one:

Lyla has had a bad habit of sticking things in her mouth.
I tell her over and over again not to do that ..it is going to go down your throat...and get stuck.

She currently has this love of Squinkies

and they are just a soft plastic..kind of like a pacifier plastic...and she sticks them in her mouth and chews on them..

Well one day ..she put this quarter in her mouth...
I quickly told her to GET IT OUT!

and when she opened her mouth to take it out..I guess she breathed in..and it went right down her throat

Oh My Word!

She kept trying to cough it up..and it just would not come back up...

She quickly got to the point where she stopped making sounds....and my first instinct was to stick my finger down her mouth and made her throw up...

Thank God ..it did come back up...and she learned a very valuable lesson as well

I'm sure this isn't what you wanted to read about on a nice relaxing Saturday..but when I think of coin...this is what you get! 

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