Day Two ~ One

That Title is confusing huh?

Our prompt for ...well yesterday...was "one"

I am not starting out this challenge very well...

All I have been thinking about is Lyla's birthday party. I always want her to have good birthday parties. I , most of the time, overdo them..but it is a day to celebrate her and what day would you choose to "overdo" if not your child's birthday!!

Lyla's birthday is the day that God gave me a miracle...
He trusted me with an angel to take care of
It's the day I became a mother and stepped into all things "motherhood"

If I am going to overdo any day..it will be her birthday!

So now I have to choose a theme...
We had Strawberry Shortcake picked out because we were headed to a farm to pick strawberries...but the Arkansas drought has completely shriveled up any kind of vegetation

So we thought about a swimming party...but with just our family alone we would have to rent 4 rooms to use the pool...which gets kinda pricey!

Then I found a sweet little park with a ferris wheel and a carousel....but again...outside..and it is 125 degrees outside.

So next to the park is a 50's diner....YES! Who doesn't love a 50's diner!?
That's the plan! Sock Hop, Poodle Skirts and Pearls all the way to Lyla's Birthday!!!


Join in on the fun ...and do FatMumSlims Photo a Day Challenge!

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