Blessings 150-200

151. popcorn and Survivor!

152. giving my nephew a quarter for candy

153. students starting to write thier name legibly

154. going to the park after work

155. living close enough for pizza delivery

156. listening to Lyla's bedtime prayer

157. God turning something crazy! ...into something awesome!

158. new quilt for the bed

159. American Idol

160. old comfy flip flops

161. seeing family at the nail shop

162. a pedicure

163. grandma's giving this momma a break

164. blessings for husband on a new machine

165. sock bun curls

166. new playhouse just down the streeet

167. decision on cabinet handles

168. photo challenges to blog

169. new city paper

170. making my old treasure a friends new treasure

171. feeling beautiful

172. Lyla's imagination

173. religious "discussions"

174. dinner with mother in law

175. baby niece loving Mexican rice from her aunt

176. smell of a new book

177. college opportunity

178. hug from baby girl

179. an extra leap day

180. a collection of Strawberry Shortcake dolls

181. baby girl prayers for mom and dad

182. school teachers that love

183. disney world memories

184. doggies big and little

185. all things in our house ...lyla

186. prayers for no more yellow eyes in her pillow

187. godly women to look up to

188. digging into God's word for myself

189. me: love you ......lyla: duh?

190. iphone pictures and videos

191. mary kay inspiration

192. earned prizes

193. dreams and goals

194. baby girl swimming in sunshine

195. family gatherings

196. fishing

197. M&M's

198. first fish!

199. ice cream with daddy

200. starting a new adventure in life

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