Rapunzel at Walt Disney World..with a pretty cute video!

While we were roaming around Magic Kingdom...You see lines of people everywhere..there is always a character to meet or a ride to ride...
We came across a line and thought outloud..
Hmm..I wonder what this line is for?
because it seemed to lead up and into a secret place of some sort

Just so happen a lady that worked at Walt Disney World said,
"Oh, this is the line to meet Rapunzel."
Gregg and I look at each other..and just smiled.
Lyla had no idea what we were doing...ever....the whole time we were there she was in wonderland with all that was going on around her.
At this time Rapunzel..was...and still is..her absolute favorite princess of ALL TIME
As a matter of fact..I asked her today what she wanted to be for Halloween..and I bet you can't guess her answer...
I am so happy she got to meet her...and the look on her face...when she saw her..
was priceless
and I would have paid DOUBLE to go on that trip to see the excitement in her face!

Absolutely NOTHING.....
beats this video!!!

I love it!
Love Love Love it!!

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