Blessings 100-150

101. a wonderful recipe from my boss
102. my little chihuahua Daisy Jo
103. playing Polly Pocket with Lyla
104. seeing that our counter tops aren't going to be hard to take off
105. my checkbook cover
106. my bed that Gregg made me
107. Lyla's baby blanket a friend crocheted for her when she was born

108: leaves still on the ground to throw

109: sunshine still in february

110: Lyla's joy in going outside to feed Nala

111: Fun Dip package

112: solo cups..that I don't have to wash for a Super Bowl party

113: my big comfy worn out shirt

114: my 1913 Singer sewing machine

115: my Cricut if I would order a cord for it

116: cute little white wicher Daisy cabinet that is in Lyla's bathroom

117: Lyla went to bed on time..with no fight

118: found my awesome spice which inspired me to cook a great dinner

119: Gregg keeping a picture of me that he looks at everyday!

120: Lyla watching Chuggington before school

121: talking to a parent at preschool today about getting kids to sleep by bribing them!

122: My little cousin when we said we would meet them at the Mexican resteraunt for dinner

123: how much i love my husband for helping clean the house

124: that even when famalies fight...my husband can swallow his pride (when needed) and make everything ok

125: after a long day I can go to bed and my husband will meet me there shortly after

126: the joy in my husband when he wakes up and realizes that i let him sleep in

127: sticky syrup fingers after a pancake breakfast

128: good church

129. holding his hand in the middle of the night

130. snow!

131. staying home on a Monday all day with my baby girl

132. my wonderful computer

133. my great friend who always keeps my computer running smoothly

134. girl time

135. opening a door and seeing this

136. super cute school pictures

137. an excited kiss goodbye because baby girl is going to hang out with grandma

138. an awesome Christian radio station

139. i still see that twinkle in his eyes when he tells me he loves me

140. Valentine's "night" ideas from Pinterest

141. "sock bun" hairstyle

142. the stress of designing a kitchen rennovation

143. the little whispers of God saying "buy that card...just because"

144. remembering Natalie

145. my real life faity tale life

146. my love of crafting..just gotta get to work

147. a thank you for a picture given

148. encouragement for someone's first day at a new job

149. the new Young Marrieds Class at church

150. couch time at 11pm with hubby and two dogs

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