I am Pin Happy

I absolutely LOVE Pinterest!

I pin everything that catches my eye...
Sometimes I pin things..knowing that I will never do it, cook it, clean it, organize it or wear it...
but it's cute!

so I pin it!

Sometimes I pin things for other people...so I can show them later

And..what is the "Like" button for?
I pin everything

I do have a friend that says she uses her "Like" button for crafts that she wants to do before she actually pins and makes it public...so no one does it before she gets to it


I have super smart friends!

Anyway.,..Here are my stats currently on Pinterest

56 Boards
3000+ pins

is that overboard?



Oh My Word!!!

I am completely hooked..

I have to go through my pins and only keep the pins that I will use and are do-able...

What are your Pin stats?

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  1. Oh I LOVE Pinterest!! :) Crafts, recipes, clothing ideas, so much. Love it!


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