Day 6 - writing

Well..I guss I schedule my last two posts..and they never posted...haha..
Sometimes I think I go into auto pilot and I have no idea what I am doing!

Today we have a prompt about writing...
and today was easy for me because Lyla has been getting so many birthday cards

This one is from her Aunt Lenz..
She got it this morning and it was a Rapunzel card that had LONG hair and folded and folded and folded down into a door hanger....so cute! She loved it!!


Today was our weekly Mary Kay meeting...I love our meetings!! It is such a positive environment to go to and just get a break from the world around you! I love it! We had a few guests tonight and I love seeing the "Yay!" look on thier faces when they realize that thier face feels AWESOME after trying some of our products!!

After our meeting my cousin and I ran to Wal Mart to grab some supplies to make Miss Lyla a poodle skirt for her birthday party. Wal Mart didn't have felt...only fleece...and in 125 degree weather..that isn't going to work...

So QUICK trip to Hancocks Fabrics...got everything we needed....and met a lady at the register who mentioned that her parents were from around where I live and is trying to sell thier log cabin


Hello God...is he speaking to me?


I am NOT getting my hopes up yet...but it is sure hard not to!! The way she described it to me...was perfect!! I am going to get out tomorrow and go look at it!! They are supposed to call me tomorrow and let me know details!!!

Keep us in prayer..I would love to move out of town..and especially into a log cabin!!

Join me in the photo challenge!!


  1. Thanks for linking up your pictures to the photo challenge. I too love Pinterest but like you I haven't done anything I've pinned yet!

  2. good..i am so glad i am not the only "empty Pinner" ..LOL!
    As always I love your blog! I wanna my blog to be just like yours when it grows up!! :)


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