Home Management Binder..in the making

Have you heard about the Home Management Binder?

or Control Journal if you are following FlyLady....

It is just a central binder or notebook that you keep all your daily stuff..so you aren't looking in a box full of bills for the electric bill...or going through all your birthday invitations thinking someone's is this weekend but you have no idea who or where it is...

I'm not that bad..but it easily could get that way

So I have been playing with the idea of making myself one...
And now that my husband has joined the Air Force...he won't be around as much as usual.
I am going to be totally lost..because the only part of our finanaces that I handle is the spending.
Sad but true.

When I started college ...my husband just took all the finance burden on him so I wouldn't have to try to keep up with it...and schoolwork. He is a blessing to me!

So now it is time for me to transition back into power!!!
(that is my best evil laugh)

There are SO many cute lists and calendars available to print for free..that I had a hard time choosing just one.
I am a MAJOR list lover..so this was almost torture for me.

Point is...You might see alot of the same or like the same papers in my HMB (Home Management Binder) but I am trying them out to see which one suits me best...

A HMB is always a work in progress...but eventually I will get it just the way I like it and hopefully it will be a great organizational tool for me.

Here we go!

I have no cute cover..it is just a 1/2 inch binder from Wal-Mart.
I have collected printable from everywhere ..so I don't know where all of them came from..but most of mine have come from CLEANMAMA.

Here is just daily routines.

Time scheduled for the week.

today time schedule with a spot for a to do and notes

I like this one..it is a week at a glance with a spot at the bottem for kid activities, dinner ideas, and notes.

Weekly family schedule. This is good because it lets me know what Gregg's plan is for the week.

This one is a little to much for me..but it might work.
It has a daily cleaning schedule along with a weekly schedule

another weekly...with a daily at the bottom and monthly

this is for the stuff that I never remember to do like change my A/C filters

DONE! Goals to get done in one month

Shopping list

Weekly menu plan with a shopping list

menu plan for Breakfast, lunch and dinner spots

fave recipe list..I usually keep all these in the pantry when I don't feel like cooking something new or when someone unexpectedly comes over for dinner

inventory..I will probably never be disciplined enough to do this...but it looks good.

month menu plan of dinners

a blog idea list...this is huge for me..I always think of what I need to blog..but then when I finally get a chance to sit down and blog..I never remember what ALL I needed to write about.

Monthly bloggy calendar

Lyla is getting older and is CRACKING me up with all that she says..so here is a quick spot to jot stuff down....
for example:
Papa did NOT listen in school ..he doesn't even know his colors!!
*he is color blind*
ha ha!

Bill tracking

Important dates..anniversaries..etc.

this is my long term to do list..like stuff I want to do for the house...crafts...etc.

There it is in all its glory!
Not much and kind of confusing now..but hopefully it will evolve itself!
Do you have a HMB?

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