Day 7 .... 8:00

Now that I am staying home...I get up at around 6:30 to watch a little boy ...so today's prompt for 8:00 won't be that hard for me!

I figured I might as well do 8am..and get it DONE!

Speaking of DONE! ....

I am making my list of DONE!

Over at CLEAN MAMA's blog...she has a printable you can print off at your house and make your own DONE! list.

I LOVE lists!!
I have to do lists..
cleaning lists...
maintenance lists...

so to add this list was wonderful for me!
First of all because it gives me a time line...DONE! in a month!

So know what your capable of...
know your time limits...depending on how busy you are...
go print off your DONE! printable
and make a list!

Then of course let me know that you did!

Here is a few things I added to my list this morning:

** Make a recipe binder
This is another idea from CLEAN MAMA..but I have found myself cooking the same ol menu over and over...time to start looking for new ideas and coming up with a menu plan!

**Make a Home Management Binder
Again CLEAN MAMA....I have seen these around for a while..but now that Gregg's is off to the Air Force soon and I will be home to man the fort...I am going to have to get myself organized. And IF I ever want to have a babysitter for Lyla for any reason...a Home Management Binder would be a good thing to have to list everything about Lyla in case I forget to tell them something!

**Organize clothes closets
I have Miss Lyla's done...but her clothes are half in her closet...and half in mine...WHY? I have no idea...but it will be changed

**Get a menu plan going and a shopping list printable
I am sure CLEAN MAMA has one of these too...She has everything...I will get to it!

**Command Center
This is still questionable..I seem to stay pretty on top of events with just Gregg and Lyla to look after...but maybe now that I am starting college again...I might need a central location for mail, bills, calendar and such.

**Organize Lyla's room and toys

**Organize Pinterest boards

Join in on the photo challenge.....HERE!

Look at the wonderful CLEAN MAMA blog .........HERE!

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