Blessings 50-100

51. a gift that made me quiet is just listening to Lyla's imagination when she plays

52. Jeremiah 29:11 ..such a wonderful promise
53. Acts 2:38
54. Romans 8:1 is the verse I was shown when I first got into church
55. the thought of being able to rennovate my cabinets this year is wonderful
56 a spring rain in the middle of winter
57. a grace that might have never been would have to be my job now...because I really loved my job that I had..I loved the people and place ...everything...but I felt like God was pushing me towards this job..it is with a boss that I started with..it is closer to home and would be a better transition for Lyla when she goes to school. ................update: that job didn't work out as I had planned..maybe God has something else in store for me

58. Lyla's eyes

59. my 7 year old chihuahua Daisy has lost a few of her teeth in her old age

60 we have had our house long enough to have dust settle in on our baseboards...

61. big puffy clouds
62. a gift from my memory is remembering mine and Gregg's love for each other when we first met..and realizing that it hasn't changed
63. ugly beautiful....has to be our backyard...it is so ugly right now..but it has the potential to be beautiful...
64. Sister Martins hands..I love shaking her hand at church..you can feel the years of prayer in them

65. my baby girls hair ...I love smoothing her down when we lay down for nap
66. a gift unfolded is in my vanity drawer...it is a letter from Gregg that means so much to me..that stays open so i can glance at it every morning
67. daily suffiencient grace that i need
68. abounding forgiveness
69. never failing love

70. love this little blue chair..we use it for everything in the summer from fishing to fireworks

71. of course Cinderella's blue dress

72. So you Think You Can Dance..Love this show...Lyla dances all the way through it!

73. i borrow my cousin Brittany's time all the time to teach me a craft or to listen to me whine..love her!
74. one grace found is the $20 in my pocket!
75. one grace inherited is my mother in laws sewing machine...eventhough it isn't that old..i still love that i have it! 
76. Lyla's sleepy eyes when we wake up for school
77. a suprise Dr Pepper from Gregg...just to tell me he loves me
78. mommy time to watch relax and watch TV
79. my husband...I thought that my high school sweetheart was the one for me..Thank God for unanswered prayers...He knows best..and I Thank him everyday for my husband
80. me going to church..if I hadn't married Gregg I don't think I would be in church
81. my love for crafting...I loved spending time with my grandma...and she taught me how to crochet, cross stitch...and I thank God that cancer didn't take her before she could show me because now every time i sit down to craft...I think of her!
82. laughter
83. learning new things
84. listening
85. Graces my Laura Story
86. when my husband calls me "beautiful"
87. the light I seen in our friends' James and Linda's eyes when we stop to visit...and when they see Lyla...they are amazed with her every time!
88. my kitchen cabinets...i can see the life coming back into them!
89. my flip flops in January because of this crazy weather!
90. mine and Gregg's old love..not to old..but it becomes new every day!
91. Lyla is learning to write her name ...and I love to see it!

92. we just hired a girl to work in the baby room at work and it is so nice to know that she works with children because she LOVES children..not just for a paycheck
93. Lyla's face in this picture with Snow White
93. a surpise from my husband
94. to have Lyla nap in my classroom and get to wake her up and see her excitement
95. a great call talking with my dad
96. "I wanna go hug Ms Nikki" from a student in my class
97. "We are going to celebrate a birthday" for one of my co workers..I love my job!
98. "She's so cute" from a lady at Wal Mart talking about Lyla
99. Lyla's preschool papers..she is doing great!
100. a note from my husband

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