day 4

Day 4 in FatMumSlims Challenge is

Somewhere I Sat

The place I love to sit is right here in this Camouflage chair.

Why do I have a Camouflage chair in my house  you ask???


because my husband is an avid outdoorsman


I mean really..

really really

if I allow a camouflage chair to decorate my house I must really love him....

Actually when people come over it takes them awhile to realize it is a camouflage pattern...funny! I don't know how they could miss it!

I love this chair though because that is the chair that I rocked my baby in for FOUR years now....
It is where I love to sit and get comfy with a blanket to watch "momma shows"
It is where I nap when I am sick

I have grown to love it...

Again....>I know..I'm behind..I have been trying to plan a little girls's birthday party..and geez that takes time!

Join me in the Photo Challenge!!

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